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Empire Strikes Back

The drama behind AA well explained


In 2013 Freddy (AA developer) met Zorro, an AA app developer in Skype. Then Zorro showed Freddy an UK Guy, iChr0nix and his website on Joomla - the new app database, that used Joomla and looked as recently dead AppTrackr. Freddy said that it is not an option and we need to develop new website looking exactly like appstore (because users know it) and new app.

And then, in February 2013 we have launched AA. It took 3 weeks of Freddy's life to make it. Since 2013 we were constantly improving AA and you recevied such awesome features as TRACKS and DirectInstaller.

Also, in 2013, Apple has changed it's developer center, and ichr0nix's software that was on became broken. He asked Freddy to code new one, and Freddy did it. From 2013, is using Freddy's software to register UDIDs of devices and provide .provision files to users

We decided to split revenue 50/50 and it was true agreement, because Freddy recevied ~8K GBP from it

In 2013, we have made over 50K GBP from UDID registrations, and most of these money still in payment gateways, because ichr0nix can't make bank account four such *specific* business for one and half years

There was also Zorro, he offered to make resigning service, integrated with AA, and with his help and Freddy's skills we have made it (and you know it - it was isigncloud).

After Zorro joined RMU business, we have split as 40/40/20 to Freddy, iChr0nix and Zorro accordingly

We have also met in Prague, and it was quite funny:

The conflict

Everything was perfect. Freddy was for infrastructure and AA website development, iChr0nix was for public relations and billing, Zorro was for iOS app. But, Freddy was annoyed about bank account. Really, how long it takes to make bank account for a company in UK? Seems like he annoyed iChr0nix too, so he disabled services. That made Freddy angry, he moved database to his own servers (remember that drama with and have not told this to iChr0nix.

We agreed to do not turn off services just because of our wish and followed this rule, but not so much as expected.

In last month, when Freddy was in depression and unavalible, iChr0nix disabled servers one more time. And it was last notice to Freddy. It is not acceptable for serious projects. Also iChr0nix was noticed that database was on Freddy's server and he paid for expensive DB server to no purpose. This fact made him angry too.

So it was last major conflict when AA was down for couple days, but we finally agreed to do not act like this in future.

And in October, iChr0nix and Zorro decided to silently kick Freddy out without any notice. They deleted his accounts on AA and revoked his security keys and simply said nothing to him.

In fact, RMU owns approximately 70K GBP and iChr0nix still owes Freddy approximately 15K GBP.

The power of code

*At least* dissapointed with such decisions of persons that Freddy threated as Friends, Freddy decided to create appdb. (and you are reading this article here)

He published AA and RMU source code under Public Domain license here and made relatively new project named appdb. It does not require iOS App (because Freddy have no permission to use Zorro's products), it works directly from browser and via official Apple Protocols and integrates app resigining and installtion in one simple button "INSTALL"

Code that powers appdb was also developed by Freddy, the same as AA. But, seems like AA will no longer be developed or maintained by Freddy. Use it at your own risk.

The silent revenge with cold blood

Since Freddy kicked from AA, he did a security research on his own software and find some security issues that he used to disable AA. That's why future use of AA is risky, because no one except Freddy can fix discovered security vulnerabilities.

Freddy hacked AA in same night and watched how is it going. And on launch of appdb, he disabled it.

iChr0nix and Zorro were unable to bring AA back for 3 weeks, because it is too complex, obviously. They have hired Freelancer (Katrina, a woman), that costs them ~40GBP per hour. It's a shame.

Instead of trying to resolve this most massive conflict in AA life, iChr0nix began to post shit in Twitter about that appdb can wipe your device, Freddy is theif, etc (and of course it is not true). This war was continuous, but everything sometimes comes to an end.

On 1st of November, iCr0nix called Freddy and apologised for everything he has done. We have agreed to move in two separate ways, AA on its own, appdb on its own.

So now, only Zorro, Katrina and iChr0nix are maintaining AA. There are also dkbame and crackalicious as an admins. That's all. Nobody else left on AA.

And finally, appdb is the new home for those who used AA. It was made by original AA creator and will be continuously improved. Thank you for reading and you're welcome here!